Saturday, May 30, 2009

My First Sweepstakes Win & Review!!!

Today I received in the mail the first item I won entering sweepstakes. It is a MagnaPlay toy set that I won from Steals & Deals.
Being a SAHM, I am slowly becoming the quintessential mom! I have begun scrapbooking and editing photos, and I love it!! And...I recently discovered websites that will give me a list of all the new sweepstakes daily, as well as the sweepstakes expiring that day. So I have become a sweepstakes junkie, lol. And after finding out I had won the MagnaPlay, I decided then and there that I would always post pictures of the item I won and give my review on the product.

The MagnaPlay is a fun, educational and best of all, MESS FREE toy for your child. The recommended age is 3+. My son is 5 and he LOVES it. It comes with the briefcase, with a clear white magnet front. In the inside of the case are 2 magnetic strips, 1 laminated coloring page and 1 non-laminated coloring page, 1 sponge and 1 dry erase marker. I, of course being a thrifty mom, decided to give my son a few more dry erase markers and will be laminating more coloring pages for him. He will definitely enjoy using this when he is in the car, when he accompanies his sister and I to another doctor appointment, or even when he's just lying down in his room. Once he's done, everything easily wipes off with the sponge and he places everything inside the case and it stores easily away. NO MESS, NO SMALL PIECES, & A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!! I recommend this toy highly and know that your children will love it just as much as mine does.

Thanks again to Mandy and the wonderful people at Steals & Deals!!

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