Monday, May 25, 2009

OMG, Sun Dry Cilo!!

I am ecstatic to let you all know about a new rock band coming straight out of my hometown in Miami. The band is Sun Dry Cilo and they are awesome! They actually remind me of the great rock bands from the 90's. Their debut album was just released on May 15th and already it is spreading like wildfire! I personally know these guys, especially the guitarist (he is my younger sister's boyfriend), and all five guys are really cool people. Their songs are all ecclectic and believe me, you will find at least one song that you truly love. You can visit them on their myspace and download their songs, demand them to come to your city and perform and get to know the guys personally. Their myspace is If you consider yourself a fan after visiting their page, you can go to the original fan site which many imitate but none can replicate! Their fan site is At this site you can get icons of the guys to post on your page, banners, submit fan art, get the lyrics to their songs and a whole lot more. But believe me, you want to discover Sun Dry Cilo. You will thank me for this!
Oh by the way, Happy Memorial Day and I hope everyone is enjoying their BBQ!!!

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